Why Choose Imperial Rib Panel Roofing

With the summer coming up it is time for you to think about making over that dull, boring roof! I know what you’re thinking, it is going to be so expensive, and you’re going to have to spend the money to replace it again anyway. NOT TRUE. With an Imperial Rib Panel metal roof, it will last you forever, well, not forever, but pretty close!

The Advantages of a Rib Panel Roof

1. Lasting Strength

We weren’t kidding when we said this type of roof lasts forever. Rib panel is an EXTREMELY durable alternative to those regular materials used for a standard, typical roof. From the metal, all the way to the baked on paint finish perfection. The roof is made of high quality steel and it is coated with some seriously tough Galvalume. Pre-treat it with primer, bake on some enamel, and you got yourself a 40-year warranty of “I’m not going anywhere” paint.

2. Water Tight Design

Even in the toughest storms these rib panels will lead the water gliding right off instead of trickling into the cracks of your home and having leaky ceilings! This superior type of metal roof is another reason why you should choose this design over your standard asphalt shingles, which can have water seep right through them and cause severe damage to your home.

3. The Look!

Not only are the benefits of this rib panel metal roof already amazing, lets add the fact that this roof also LOOKS amazing. You will be able to spot out a home in seconds with a type of sleek design such as a metal roof. It has a clean look to it, and doesn’t fade like your standard roof design. The paint, as said before is coated so it will not fade or rust away! So basically, it’s really pretty to look at.

4. Economical choice

Okay, okay. So maybe you have to dish out a little more money for a type of roof like this for all the metal roofing supplies. But, that will last you until the end of time! It is much for beneficial for your wallet to get a rib panel metal roof, for the simple fact that you don’t have to keep replacing it and shelling out thousand of dollars like you would on a regular shingled roof. Seriously, how could you beat a deal like that?!

Metal roofing wholesalers everywhere are providing not only their residential clients with this type of roofing, but also their commercial clients. The last thing big commercial building business owners need to worry about it the quality of their roof and how much it will cost them to replace it EVERYTIME something bad happens. Which is why a lot of commercial business owners go with the rib panel metal roofing. Because not only does it last a really, really, really, long time. But, it looks good while doing it!