Why Choose a Metal Roof?

Metal roofing is becoming more and more popular as a choice when redoing your roof. Metal roofing looks nicer on some homes and also are made in multiple colors to match your style or home. There’s multiple reasons why you should choose to go with a metal roof instead of a traditional and here are just a few of them.

8 Reasons to Choose Metal Roofing

1. More expensive but better quality

While metal roofing costs more than traditional roofing supplies there is a bigger reason to choose a metal roof. The life span of regular roofing materials is shorter than metal roofing and will need to be replaced regularly. If a metal roof is installed the right way it will virtually never need replacement. So it will cost a bit more, but it is saving you money in the long run. Creating a list of costs with metal roofing versus the traditional will show added costs should damage occur to your roof. Metal roofing protects it better than the typical shingles could.

2. Metal roofing offers protection

Exceptional protection is offered with metal roofs. Asphalt, wood, and fiberglass cannot protect your roof as well as metal roofing supplies. This keeps you from having to keep spending out of pocket should damage occur because metal roofs can take a bit of a hit. In the case of a fire a metal roof will not support combustion of the fire. In turn, the metal roof will not burn. However, a traditional roof will burn. Metal roofs outperformed in a wind test compared to traditional. Hail cannot break through a metal roof and water cannot get under it either. Along those lines, snow will glide right off the metal roof and onto the ground. No worries about whether the snow might build up and cave in your roof.

3. Doesn’t retain much heat

Certain glosses will help reflect the sun’s rays so that way your home will stay cooler longer. Your attic may even stay cooler longer than normal with the metal roof. Wood and asphalt retain heat more than a metal roof would and when you go up into your attic it can be ridiculously hot. If you need to make a trip into the attic the metal roof may help keep it cooler for you so that way you won’t have to be too worried about the heat up there.

4. They are not noisy when it rains

One of your biggest concerns about a metal roof has been whether it is noisy during a rain storm? Roofs are typically made of wood covered in metal or asphalt. Because there is still a layer of wood underneath the metal roofing, the wood absorbs the sound of the rain. The sound is about the same as a typical roof.

5. They can be installed over your current roof

Metal roofs are very simplistic in that if you decide to purchase one from your wholesalers it can be brought and installed directly over your current roof. This saves you money and eliminates a lot of mess that can occur with new roof installation. No old roofing needs to be disposed of which helps protect our environment and reduces the cost on your end.

6. They weigh less than a typical roof

Metal roofing materials typically weigh less than 1/3 that of a asphalt roof. It adds less than 10% to the current roof. There would be no structure concerns with this roof because it weighs very little, more than a typical roof.

7. Metal roofs can actually protect buildings from lightning

Metal roofing is noncombustible and an electricity conductor make this roofing material one of the most desirable. Lightening strikes are connected to the location of the building more than the material of the roofing.

8. Metal roofing can last for centuries

Metal roofs don’t dry out, curl, or peel like typical asphalt tiling. Metal roofs last longer than any other material, making it a top pick for residential areas. Always check your warrantee though when purchasing and having the metal roof installed.