What Are The Advantages Of Metal Roofing For Residential

A metal roof is a sustainable, durable, energy-efficient and long-lasting alternative for all your roofing needs. Be it your home or other edifice, it translates into a wiser investment combined with beauty and functionality while promoting a healthy environment.

What are the advantages?

DURABILITY. Can withstand freezing as well as thawing temperatures, hail, wind and fire.

VERSATILITY. It comes in a variety of styles, patterns, designs and colors.

UTILITY. Can be easily installed over your existing roof, in reroofing contracts.

BEAUTY. It’s pleasing appearance guarantees an add-on value to your home.

A TRUE GREEN ROOFING MATERIAL. It is 100% recyclable at the end of its very long service life.

What are the benefits? Catch all. It usually called the 6L’s – light weight, low cooling and heating costs, low maintenance cost, long-lasting, long warranty and low insurance cost.

What is a metal roofing manufacturer? Is the one who offers steel metal roofing to a variety of clients such as owners of commercial and industrial buildings, farms and residential establishments.

Can I do the installation myself? No, unless you are a trained professional. Take the case of corrugated metal roofing, where installation must not defeat the functionality and aesthetics of the end product. Leaks must be avoided at all cost!

What are the advantages of hiring a professional to install it for you?

ASSURANCE. You are assured of quality workmanship guarantying maximum utility for your roofing.

WARRANTY. You are protected from any damage on the metal roofs during the installation stage, if done by a professional.

CHOICE. You have the option to choose the best professional in the trade.

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