Types of Metal Roofing Materials

Is your metal roof worn-out? Have you been looking to replace your roofing with some quality material? If so, you can use these tips. What you need to do is pick the best material for your home. Since there are lots of materials that can be used to make roofs, you need some expert tips to compare different materials to make the best choice. Read on.

Common roofing materials

First of all, you may want to choose the right material. On the market, you can find copper, aluminum and steel among other choices. Aside from this, zinc alloy and stainless steel are also used for the same purpose. All of these are commonly used to build roofs. Based on the type of material you chose, the price, durability and appearance of the roof will be different.

Conventional Materials

Nowadays, the most common metals that are used for metal roofing are aluminum and steel. Let’s know about each type.


In most houses, steel is used as the roofing material. The beauty of steel is that it is sturdier and heavier than aluminum. According to manufacturers, multiple coatings as well as finishes can be applied in order to protect steel from regular rust and corrosion. Usually, steel is zinc-coated for protection against corrosion.

One coat of epoxy primer is good to fight adhesion. Aside from this, a baked-on top coating of acrylic offers protection and color. Since the sheet systems are ideal for commercial uses, they are given paint finishes that stand the test of time. Kynar is on the list of commonly used fluorocarbon coatings.


Aluminum, which is very lightweight, is commonly used for making home metal roofs. The reason is that rust can’t “eat” aluminum. But you need to paint or coat aluminum in order to make it look good. Here it is important to note that the coatings are the same that can be used on steel. Another characteristic of aluminum is that it is soft and is not as strong as steel. According to environmentalists, using aluminum for roofing purposes is not a wise decision as it is a precious resource.

High-End Materials

You can also opt for other types of metal roofing; however, they can cost a great deal of money. As a matter of fact, if you have an expensive home, you may want to go for the high-end stuff.

Copper has been in use for centuries. The great thing about this metal is that it doesn’t rust and doesn’t need any finish. You can bend it without any problem as it is soft. However, the downside is that copper is really expensive.

Alloy roofing materials are popular for their strength, durability and graceful weathering. The cost of this metal is based on the type of material; however, generally, it’s considered expensive.

Stainless-steel roofing is also an expensive metal. It doesn’t corrode or rust. With terne coating, it looks natural.

Source by Shalini Madhav