Picking the Best Color for your Metal Roof

As you go through the process of installing a new metal roof, maybe you picked up the metal roofing supplies from the wholesalers, you’re happy with how your new metal roof will look on your house. Certainly the most exciting process of installing a metal roof is choosing the color. Nowadays, you have more options than ever. It is an important decision, however, the color you pick will greatly affect the overall look and feel of your home. Here are some things to consider when choosing a color.

Which Color is Best for your Metal Roof?

Quality of Paint

When it comes to paint, High Quality is key. Remember, your new roof needs to stand up to the elements. It’s outside 365 days a year, 24/7, taking whatever Mother Nature throws its way. You wouldn’t want your imperial rib panel roof peeling, corroding or fading. Make sure to use a paint that has been treated with a special acrylic resin that blocks ultraviolet light.

Style of Your Home

An odd colored roof that doesn’t match with the rest of your home can throw the whole look off. Be mindful of your exterior, and even your interior wall color. Use like colors that complement each other and don’t clash. A metal roof keeps its original color for years, so make sure to choose a color that you’re sure you will like down the road. Also don’t forget to check if you like the color both during the early morning as well as during bright light hours, as the light from the sun may make the color appear brighter or darker at a particular time.

Trends in your Neighborhood

While the color of your roof is a very personal decision, you also want to try and keep the overall look in line with what your neighbors are doing. Being that house that sticks out, in a bad way, isn’t fun. So maybe if the homes in your neighborhood are more conservatively styled, steer away from a red roof or forever be known as the “Pizza Hut” house.

These are just some of the things to consider when choosing a color for your new metal roof. Make sure you think about the decision, because it’s a long-term decision, which will affect the look, style, and ultimately, the value of your home.