Metal Roofing Popularity Soars

Remember the Polar Vortex of late 2013 and early 2014? Thinking about it now, there was a positive we can take from that horrible, frigid, winter. It finally encouraged people to finally abandon their conventional roofs for something far superior. That’s right, I’m talking about the metal roof. The metal roof is becoming increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why.


The Growth of Metal Roofing


Let’s start off with the numbers. The residential metal roofing market has grown by double digits in the past 5 years. That’s a fact. Some other facts are people choose metal roofing because of its durability, fire resistance, energy savings, value, and (just like me) natural good looks! If something looks better, is safer, stronger, gets you more bang for your buck, AND looks better in the process, that’s something consumers are bound to get on board with. That something is the metal roof.


Homeowners are growing weary of having to replace asphalt shingles every 10 to 12 years. With the advent of the internet, people have become more knowledgeable about metal roofing and seeing the value in it. Once you install a metal roof, you’ve increased the energy savings, appearance, and overall value of your home. That’s one of the most important factors in being a smart homeowner: retaining and, when possible, increasing the value of your home.


Estimates show that a non-metal roof can last up to 17 years. A metal roof can last a lifetime. Even though the initial cost is slightly higher, they boost your home’s overall value. Also, in some states you can be eligible for a 35% decrease in your homeowners insurance premiums.


That’s just money, though, safety is your biggest concern, both for yourself and your family. That’s why metal roofs fire-resistance is one of the biggest reasons many homeowners are opting for metal roofing rather than conventional roofing supplies. There is a high demand for metal roofs in wildfire-prone areas of the United States, such as California. A fire can strike anywhere however, and you want your house to be safe enough to protect your family.


When I say a metal roof lasts longer than an asphalt roof, I mean by a large margin. Two to three times longer. That’s up to 40 to 60 years LONGER than an asphalt roof. If you install a metal roof, you are essentially getting that part of your home covered. Then you can worry about making sure all the other parts of your home are safe, secure and don’t cost you a fortune in the process!