Match Your Stunning Metal Roof With Functional and Stylish Aluminum Flashings

Flashings need to not only prevent water penetration from roofing systems and other elements on the roof, but must also match the stunning looks of your roof. Your metal roofing system requires high quality aluminum flashings that prevent leakage, resist incredibly high winds, and yet enhance the look of your metal roof.

Flashings can be found at roof penetrations, valleys, rakes, eaves, chimneys, ridges, skylights, and even where roofs intersect with walls. There are several techniques employed to fit flashings as well as several materials such as aluminum, copper, zinc, galvanized steel, and stainless steel that can be used to construct sturdy and attractive flashings.

However, aluminum flashings are preferred by most installers and home owners because of its weight, low cost, high strength, and ability to easily bend to any desired shape. Hence, you and your architect can get a little creative while designing your metal roofing system complete with matching aluminum flashings.

Aluminum flashings are made from coil stock as well as sheets and pre-designed shapes, and are available in a very wide range of colors, shades, and finishes. Whether your metal roof or any other roof for that matter, possesses a wood finish or has a finish resembling stucco, stone, or shingles, you will be able to locate matching flashings made out of durable and versatile aluminum.

While flashings made out of copper need to be soldered for a waterproof joint, aluminum flashings need to be lapped and fastened mechanically as well as caulked for a perfect seal. You must remember to use aluminum nails to fasten your flashing to your frame as using a dissimilar material such as steel nails will cause galvanic action and result in faster deterioration.

Even though installing aluminum flashings require a higher level of skills, it can reward you with long life and of course, exquisite looks once they are installed to perfection. Such flashings can last for many years and can be fitted on roofs made out of various materials. These flashings certainly complement the long life of modern metal roofing systems that easily last for up to 50 years.

Aluminum flashings can also be shaped and installed quickly as compared to most other materials. Prices of these flashings will not blow a hole in your roof. A metal roof fitted with such flashings will not only add strength to your home, but will also require fewer columns and beams due to its light weight and high strength.

When you want your stunning roof to repel water for decades then why not opt for light and strong aluminum flashings? These flashings possess excellent aesthetics along with high performance that can complement metal roofing systems and provide stunning looks with functionality that lasts for a really long time.

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