Asphalt Shingle Roofing

When you want the ultimate protection and impressive curb appeal, you’ll want Duration® Shingles. They are specially formulated on a TruDefinition® color platform that gives them dramatic color contrast and dimension in a wide range of popular colors. Beyond the great look, Duration® Shingles also come with the advanced performance of patented SureNail® Technology—with Triple Layer Protection® in the nailing zone for superior holding power. We proved it in testing.



TruDefinition® is our color design platform trademark on shingles that are specially formulated to capture the bright, vibrant hues and dramatic shades that showcase the aesthetic appeal of your home. Shingles feature multiple-granule colors and shadowing to provide an extraordinary look that will enhance your home and complement its natural surroundings.


Significant wind can cause shingles to blow off the roof deck. Missing shingles can lead to leaks and other interior damage. The quality and performance of the sealant on a shingle play an important part in wind resistance performance. Owens Corning certifies our shingles to industry recognized wind resistance standards through independent third-party testing laboratories. To see the wind resistance warranty on this product, refer to the Technical Information section.


It’s the nailing line on your shingles. The difference between a good shingle and a great shingle is having SureNail® Technology. With SureNail® Technology, strength and durability are built into every Duration® Series shingle, thanks to the unique fabric strip in the nailing area. This unique shingle design provides outstanding gripping power.
  • Patented SureNail Technology
  • Breakthrough Design
  • Triple Layer Protection®
  • Outstanding Grip
  • Exceptional Wind Resistance

Roof Installation For Every Style Of Home

It doesn’t matter if your home is capped in the classic Spanish style or if it wears a more contemporary look, Royal Roofing Sales & Service is your best choice for roofing services.

– Replacements

– Reroofs

– New installations

We provide materials in a wide variety of styles and colors to best match your home.

Put an Experienced Asphalt Roofing Crew to Work on Your Home

Our highly-trained roofers are experienced with many types of roofing materials. That gives you more freedom when choosing how to update the roof on your home. Not sure which material is best for your home and budget? One of our experienced sales representatives can explain the benefits of each, so you can make an informed decision.

Shingle Roofing – A shingle roof installation is a budget-friendly choice that provides many color and style options. Our roofing company uses only premium products for the best results!

Slate Roofing – Incredibly beautiful and impressively durable, a slate roof installation adds value to any home. You can rely on us to have extensive experience working with this material.

Metal Roofing – When you choose a metal roof installation, it may be the last roof you’ll ever need!


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