Advantages and Disadvantages of a Metal Roof

The roofing industry has a lot to offer the modern homebuyer, and there are lots of different kinds of roofing solutions. One roofing solution that has seen an incredible increase in popularity in the last few years is metal roofing. People are using this on everything from super-modern storage buildings to commercial warehouses these days. The main reason for this trend is that metal is stronger and more durable than the traditional products used to provide roofing in the past.

Two big things come into play here – safety and cost effectiveness. Metal roofing has both of those benefits for homeowners. It can withstand the dangers of extreme weather like rain and hail, snow, and strong winds.Then there’s fire protection which is just as important as the protection from severe weather. The level of protection that the it provides is much better than that of traditional roofing solutions. Another major cause for the growing popularity of metal roofs is the color selection. They come in a wide variety of styles and colors. They look amazing, and since it is going to last for years, it is important that you like what you see. So, color and style selection is definitely a big advantage of going with a metal roof.

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One possible disadvantage of going with metal is cost. It’s usually considerably higher than the cost of the more traditional roofing solutions. But the experts say that this is compensated by, high durability, and a very low probability of any need to replace the roof in a normal life time. Often, traditional roofs need to be replaced every fifteen to twenty years, depending on the style of architecture. However, a properly installed metal roof can last upwards of 60 years.

Another disadvantage is perception. You might LOVE your new metal roof, but does your neighbor? Many homeowners associations have rules against metal roofing, so you should check before you commit to metal. If it’s prohibited by your neighborhood rules, you need to know before you invest all that money in a new roof, only to find out that you’ve caused a conflict.

Research all these issues before you make a final decision. Ask your local roofing experts for help and advice before buying any material or signing a contract. This is a highly competitive market, and you will be surprised at the drastic differences in price and material quality. So, stay informed and do your best to find the most reputable contractors in your area. I hope you enjoyed this article! Let me know how your roofing install went in the comments.

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