A Brief About Steel Roofing

Steel roofing is a kind of metal roofing similar to roofs made of zinc, aluminum, terna, etc. They are lightweight and easy to install when compared to slate roofing or other conventional roof systems. Steel, stainless steel, galvalumine steel, galvanized zinc coated steel and some other high quality grades of steel are used for making this kind of roof material. These roofing sheets are available in forms such as box profile, cladding sheets, alloy sheets, stainless sheets, corrugated sheets, single skin steel cladding, double skin steel cladding, and sheets coated with materials like polyester. Some of these roofing materials are useful for covering walls of buildings such as warehouses, factories or other commercial buildings.

Stainless steel for roofing is widely used in commercial buildings, offices, domestic buildings as they can attain shapes required in modern architecture, which involves lot of glass unlike traditional roofing. Stainless steel has better anti corrosive properties. However, they are costlier than some other roofing systems. The stainless steel alloys roofs are even more durable, corrosion resistant, and thermal efficient.

Agri -steel cladding is the cheapest steel roofs widely used in agricultural buildings. Stone coated steel roofing has more strength and they can resist hailstones better. Steel roofs are easier to maneuver due to its metallic properties. With good color coats, steel shingles or tiles have similar looks to that of other conventional shingles. Interlocking steel shingles need a shorter period to install due to pre fabricated interlock able sections. They will give a better finishing look than even conventional shingles. It will not crack, lift, warp or rot. Steel shingles with stone coating has aesthetic looks and strength.

Steel roofing is lightweight when compared to slate, tile, or concrete roofs. It does not require additional structural support for accommodating load unlike heavier counterparts. It reflects harmful radiations. It is fire resistant and can withstand changing weather conditions. It does not allow sedimentation of snow. It does not support growth of algae or mold. Composite steel panels or steel sheets with insulation can prevent the condensation, which normally occurs in skin steel roofing. With good insulation, this roofing can achieve better thermal efficiency as well as noise control.

Steel roofing requires screws or other fasteners to fix them tight to the supporting structure. Some part of corrugated steel or box type of steel over laps with each other during fixing. Installation cost of these roofs depends upon the architectural features of the building. Normal steel roofs require zinc coating, or high quality paint or some other chemicals to prevent it from rusting. Generally, cost of these roofs depends upon style, profile type, color, type of paint, complexity associated with roof design etc. Galvanized corrugated cladding or box profile steel sheets are cheaper, compared to other steel grade varieties. For replacing conventional roofs, this kind of roofing is a low cost alternative. They require low annual maintenance. You can avail guarantee for the roofs while buying it. They are environmental friendly as steel is 100% recyclable and they might last up to 50 years or more.

Source by Nazmunnahar Jhorna